Obama’s Legacy

Obama 008I think most Americans give little consideration to what is going on in the Middle East.  I think this because most citizens are oblivious to what is going on in their own communities.  If true, then it would stretch our credibility to imagine Americans care about anything going on in the Middle East.  Seriously, dude, who cares whether a nuclear war erupts between Israel and Iran?  And no one having voted for Barack Obama —the worst president in the history of our Republic, the man primarily responsible for such an event— is willing to accept any responsibility for this eventuality; not even the overwhelming number of Jews who voted for Obama.

We are not yet at the point of nuclear confrontation, and I think there is some good news for Israel, in spite of failed US foreign policy.  To begin with, there are fewer threats to Israeli security.  This doesn’t suggest fewer terrorist groups (there are actually more), only that they are fragmented and lack monetary resources to carry out their reprehensible work.  It isn’t as though scum such as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and George Soros aren’t trying, though.

Syria is … well, Syria.  It is very difficult for me to imagine that there was a time when the Syrians went around beating everyone into a pulp, even if it was 3,000 years ago.  Their present-day incompetence could be an indication of some sort of problem with the gene pool.  There could be a lesson to this, in some way.

Rouhani 002The same is true in Lebanon.  Hezbollah, I think, is saving itself for that day when it is called upon by Iran to shoot Israeli babies in the head with a Type-51 pistol.  Until the day those orders arrive from Tehran, Hezbollah will not go out of their way to provoke the IDF —but we musts keep a wary eye on these people; they won’t be going away any time soon.

There remains the somewhat dependable Hamas; I read recently that they continue their tunnel building efforts to bolster their rocket attacks.  What an amazing group of people —shooting rockets at undefended people.  Truly, this kind of thinking reminds me of the disturbed mindset that decided to arm members of the New Black Panther Party and then station them outside voting precincts on Election Day.  At least Hamas knows exactly what they are all about.  One recent spokesman for Hamas offered, “It is literally impossible to kiss too much Iranian ass.”  Allah the moon god must be so proud of these people.

As previously suggested, American foreign policy may be inadvertently responsible for fostering improved relations between Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.  Time will tell.  The Egyptians and Israelis do have a common interest in the Sinai Peninsula and in the Gaza Strip.  And, as one individual recently observed, “Egypt is like a US client state that just received an Obama Care insurance cancellation notice.”  I’m sure everyone remembers Egypt, right?  That country in North Africa that just began cozying up to Russia?  As Turkey and the US under Barack Obama cozy up with the Mohammedan Brotherhood, Egypt recently sent the Turkish Ambassador home.

Yes, one must really marvel at the ineptness of US foreign policy.

Netanyahu 001My guess is that Israel will come to appreciate Saudi money almost as much as the Saudis will come to appreciate Israel’s nuclear capabilities.  Personally, I don’t think the Saudis will become overly enthusiastic about recognizing Iran’s Ayatollah as the new Mahdi.  At this point, we should wonder: have the policies of the inept Barack Obama made the world a safer place, or has it become even more dangerous.  Remember too, we are only discussing the Middle East.

I think there is also some bad news for the Middle East, beginning with the fact that Iran has no intention of curtailing its quest for atomic weapons.  The other day, I wondered whether the United States most desires containment, or war.  If they wish to contain Iran, then the dopes in Washington should not only hold firm on economic sanctions, they ought to actually increase them.  If they wish to resolve this issue through war, then they really are dopes.  War with Iran, short of an atomic confrontation, would be an utter disaster for the United States.  Why?  There are just too many “war stoppers.”  A war stopper is a factor that constrains success in the employment of ground forces.

Xi 001Whether Iran will use atomic weapons, either against the United States or Israel, is a fair enough question.  The answer must depend on what kind of fruitcake ends up as Iran’s foremost religious leader.  I do not believe Iran would make such a decision unilaterally because there are other important players in the region: China —the real “behind the scenes” geniuses, and the Russians—in the short term, anyway.  I believe that China will supplant the United States as an advocate for sanity.  They want a business relationship with Middle Eastern countries; they realize that there is a diminished opportunity for capitalist enterprise when people are cutting one another’s throats.

Under Barack Obama, the United States has fallen into the abyss of has-beens.  The US is no longer a world leader.  No longer does the United States have credibility among those who were once our allies.  No longer will any nation trust the United States because those who know the USA have come to understand that it is an unreliable ally.

This is the legacy of Barack Obama and all those who voted for him: a sullied reputation, and a more dangerous world for America’s future generations.


  1. John M. Berger · ·

    Obama’s Legacy

    If we are fortunate enough to get a [real] President, next time and he/she happens to be something other than a Democrat you can bet that Obama’s, so called, “legacy” will fly into his/her face from the left! I only hope the bas…..rds that put that fraud in office, twice, will be made to suffer the most from his, so called, “legacy”! Now, should we actually get a [real] President I hope that he/she will focus on [real] energy independence and development in this Country and in this Hemisphere and let other countries deal with the burned-out Middle East.

    1. We may not find a “real president,” John. This is more than likely a result of the fact that we do not deserve one.

  2. b Hussein o is the avalanche that was proceeded by a slow slide to tyranny – enable by both parties–
    remember – the PC RoEs that are getting our BEST killed were initiated before bhp’s regime– Luttrell’s book – Lone Survivor – was written based on Seal Team 10s op — in 2005-(Bush).

    When I read his book in 2007-and he stated that they were not allowed (RoEs) to fire on a “sheep herder” whom they knew would report them to the enemy–I knew I had some historical studying to do –!!

    I also learned that there were brave Afghans (those who hid him) who only wanted freedom from tyranny!!

    1. It is perplexing to me that there is any American presence in Afghanistan. I cannot think of a single (not one) US interest in occupying that country. I have been looking into this since 2003, and still I have not found a single justification or one national interest beyond a determination by the commander in chief. It has been, and it continues to be an utter disaster and a drain upon the US treasury. Moreover, thee is not one thing in Afghanistan that is worth a single drop of American blood. Remember, though … Obama said that Afghanistan was “his war of choice.” I’m certain this is true because he would never place his own worthless hide in harms way.

    2. Mustang -we should not be in Afghanistan -should not have gone to Bosnia nor anywhere else for that matter–
      Washington was right- stay out of the affairs of Europe (and-I believe – out of the affairs of countries world wide-we should not be the world’s “protector”)
      But you know my take- follow the $$$ –
      Is the sacrifice of our BEST worth it- NO-bring them home>>>


  3. Obama is a fraud. I know this comes as no surprise to the people who read this blog, but bear with me; I do have a point. Today, UN inspectors revealed that chemical weapons were used against Syria’s armed forces. They have photographic and testimonial evidence that this claim is true. It suggests that Obama and Kerry are lying again, this time about who used the weapons against whom. A member of the press made an inquiry with the State Department spokesperson today, who claimed as follows: “I haven’t seen this evidence, but I’m happy to take a look at it. Meanwhile, let me state emphatically that our position is that the Syrian government used Chemical agents against innocent civilians.”

    Not only is Obama a fraud, but also his cabinet. This State Department spokesperson’s incredible absurdity sucked the air out of my lungs. God help us …

  4. Americans typically don’t care what happens “over there.” Tunnel vision seems to be a bad dysfunction that Americans have.

    9/11 awakened America — in part, anyway. Now Americans are back to their usual complacence, and this complacence is not completely limited to Obama supporters, either. A few weeks ago, I found myself in the uncomfortable position of trying to explain to a conservative journalist about the eve of destruction brewing in the Middle East. He reacted politely, but I could see written all over his face that he thinks I’m a paranoid nut job.

    Of course, as long as the mainstream media shill for Obama’s kumbaya vision — or whatever you want to call his vision — Americans won’t pay much attention to anything “over there.”

    I must say that day in and day out I hear the dulcet tones of the mainstream television media. They say the word “Obama” in such a worshipful way. Disgusting!


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