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The online payment system isn’t a strange thing anymore today. Almost every store, especially online store, accepts the online payment system as one of their payment methods. It saves more time and energy for the customer who wants to finish the transaction and straight away play at And then, the new payment method is on the way. It’s the payment using the cryptocurrency.


The Cryptocurrency

When it was invented in 2009 by an expert with pseudo-name, Satoshi Nakamoto, it only had one purpose. It was created to replace the world financial system with a more effective and cheaper system. It did stray away from its main purpose and was treated as a valuable digital asset where many people try to mine and keep it to make a profit from it. But, today there is a big sign that the implementation of the digital currency will come into realization.

The Implementation of Cryptocurrency

Nowadays, you can easily find many Blockchain-based projects that are going to be launched or have been launched and try to get a better position in the market. These projects offer new facilities that assimilated the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology as the platform for cryptocurrency into the current financial system.


The project like that provides many kinds of service and features. Mostly, they offer a similar service like what you can find today, such as video streaming, insurance, and banking and of course, payment method. This is the way to make the cryptocurrency easily accepted by people.

How this project/service work is similar to a company. For example, you can find Blockchain-based project that provides a video streaming service. It provides a portal where you can watch/streaming video, similar to current online streaming service.


However, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency elements make it much more interesting. There are many possibilities that we can do and get with these elements implemented. From the faster service to an easier method to make a profit are all available in it.


The amount of project that offers service using cryptocurrency is abundant today. It shows a glimpse of the future of our financial system, where people start to leave the physical money and go fully digital. It seems possible and easy to achieve, especially with the face growth of our technology today.

But, it also leaves a question. Are people ready to use it? Many of them still feel more comfortable with the current payment system. And, maybe they won’t leave it as easy as what it seems. So, those who run those projects that use cryptocurrency need to work hard to achieve their goal.


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