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Futuristic Technology

The Futuristic Technology for Your Future Communications. The existing future technology makes you curious and amazed to reveal the details of the technology. You may see it in sci-fi films and movies. You may think of the happening effects and the time to see the technology.

Hologram Handphone

The first technology to support your future communication is a hologram handphone. A hologram is a kind of technology used for some purposes such as some purposes of education, entertainment, and business. With the support of hologram, you can see the visual effects in 3D objects and immersive without being located in that object.

Hologram Handphone
Hologram Handphone

An interesting project with the hologram technology has conducted to see the viewers interacting directly with the survivor holocaust without its existence on the stage. I am very excited to learn about this technology.

Flexible Future Handphone Technology

The next technology for future communication is a flexible technology of the handphone founded by Samsung. In the future, you will find the most futuristic technology for handphones and communication.

Future Handphone Technology
Future Handphone Technology

A thin-body handphone seems to be not happening anymore in the future. The flexibility of the body easing the users to save the handphone will be popular. Of course, you must be ready for the changing of technology for future communication.


What else is another technology for the future of communication? You can trust teleportation to explore the technology. The mathematical concept exists, teleportation can be a future technology for communication.


Teleportation is claimed to be a wormhole concept founded due to the relativity theory of Einstein and gravity to be a time and room concept. Russian scientist Vladimir Puttin claimed to develop teleportation technology and will present it to the real world.

Hyperloop Train 

He has a strong ambition to support big cities having rapid transportation modes quickly, safely, and ergonomically. By using a Hyperloop train, it can take 20 to 40 passengers with a speed of 1.700 km/hour.

Autonomous Car 

It is a kind of car accommodating passengers without a driver. The operating system is by using a special sensor camera detecting movements and environment around the vehicle.

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