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How Does the

How Does the Picture of Future Technology and Communication Start From Now?. There is no doubt that every time, the circumstances change and keep changing. Creating something new and hasn’t been discovered or thought about before long ago. Sometimes we just consider it just imagination and fantasy, because something that will not be easy to create.

How Does the
How Does the

However, the reality is not like that. Like going to the moon, or even contacting someone very far away at that moment.

Communication has a very large portion

There are so many various technologies currently created by developers that are aimed at making things easier in our daily lives. However, the portion in the field of communication still has a very large part compared to other fields. Such as culinary or entertainment.

This is only natural, considering that communication is an activity that cannot be released in everyday life and everyone will continue to interact with others in the form of communication to meet their specific goals. Activities shopping, learning, or even meetings.

How Does the
How Does the

The internet is becoming a major player

Various kinds of communication media that currently are one of the real technologies that exist in the middle of our lives today. Even so, these kinds of communication media are only limited to intermediary tools to trigger and receive what we give or receive from our interlocutors later.

They cannot do it alone. Therefore, to be able to bring up the message through the communication media we need other technologies. Which we often know with the term internet. Like a rope, the internet has a very important role so that the message we receive or deliver reaches our interlocutors.

Because of this, our lifestyle can change easily in just a moment. We can see how the conditions in the middle of a densely populated urban and economic activity with rural conditions that are not too dense. But with conditions that are far from the hustle and bustle and very beautiful scenery.

How Does the
How Does the

It is unlikely to move backward

They will continue to advance, evolve, to create newer technologies that do not yet exist or perfect previous technologies.

Just look like the network technology used today. But what about now? Many parties have already mentioned that the 5G network technology is ready and several trials have been conducted to try out its feasibility.

What next?

It is not impossible anymore. Now maybe we can only see the look of the person we’re talking to from the front when making a video call. However, who would have thought if later on. We could see everything around what was around the other person. And could see the physical appearance directly even though it was not real.

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