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Do you want to call or talk with your friends that live in the other country? In the past, we need to send a letter and wait for days or month to get the reply. However, the internet makes it easier.

We just need to send it and in a matter of seconds, it will reach the recipient. Then, the recipient can send the reply as soon as he/she receive the message. Unfortunately, this easiness can lead to less sociable society. Why?

internet communication
internet communication

It is Comfortable

The easiness that internet offer in communicating with other people make people feel more comfortable to use this method to communicate. This will make them too lazy to visit and meet other people directly. Even though they meet other people to play at, mostly it’s only for a close friend or their work. The internet also makes people avoid meeting new people directly because the internet is more comfortable and safer to communicate.

It Blunt People Social Ability

Today’s internet helps you to communicate with other people by looking at their face directly through video call or such. That’s not the same as meeting other people directly. When you meet with other people, you can feel the difference than when you communicate with them through the camera. The warmth and atmosphere are more humane.

internet communication
internet communication

When you use the internet to communicate too often, it makes people forget how to communicate with real people. After long used, people will forget how to do it naturally. In the worst case, they can’t communicate well if they don’t use the internet. It becomes a quite serious problem if it gets worst, which if we see it in a broad perspective, it can harm the human race. They can’t meet each other and it can become a problem for the reproduction need.

It Kills the Tradition

Many cultures in this world have an important value in life, which can easily disappear because of the internet. One of them is communication culture. Many cultures have a unique way to communicate which has many good things and benefits. And, when you use the internet to communicate more than this tradition, you will forget the tradition, which eventually kills it.

Today, maybe we can start to see the worst effect of online communication. Our society now becomes less sociable society because of it. Therefore, we need to prevent it to happen, by using the more normal way to communicate.