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Technology and Future

Technology and Future of Communication, Is it Always Good?. Progress is one proof that the condition of something continues to advance and develop, which makes it a better condition than today. That way, the progress that occurs is very often we value as something positive for the future.

But if you think about it, is this the case? Does every progress of technology always bring a positive impact for us? The answer is yes because we feel it now. However, the fact that this positive effect is also accompanied by the negative consequences it causes. Then, what are the negative consequences it causes?

Technology and Future
Technology and Future

Very high radiation and dangerous for the body

Behind the solution that is offered that can make our lives very, very easier than usual, there is a negative impact that is quite dangerous that looms over us. This is radiation from these various technologies.

Smartphones certainly utilize network wave technology to capture signals as a source and power so that our smartphones remain connected to the various features they have, such as sending and receiving calls, messages, or staying connected to social media.

Technology and Future
Technology and Future

This factor also applies to the generation of networks used by smartphones. In general, currently, 4G has become commonplace and is the fastest compared to 2G and 3G, which is its predecessor. However, the faster the network access offered by the net generation the radiation generated is also greater.

This means 4G has a signal wave radiation that is greater than 2G and 3G. Then what about 5G which is planned to be adopted soon to replace 4G at this time? The answer is yes, 5G has higher radiation than 4G.

Technology and Future
Technology and Future

The greater the error of perception when communicating

Maybe this will be more related to business matters, but if possible this can also occur in everyday communication later. Ideally, in discussing business topics, meeting face-to-face is indeed the most effective and efficient way so that the objectives and whatever is conveyed can be conveyed appropriately and minimize misperceptions.

However, it seems that there will still be limits to disclosing them as a whole. Not to mention if the recipient is wrong in receiving the intended message or the sender is not right in conveying it.

Privacy is threatened

Maybe. Because later the system will try to collect all information relating to something, such as a restaurant for example. Prospective visitors certainly do not need to go in or ask others about the restaurant. They can go through search engine technology, or ask to display information when using augmented reality technology, which will display all of that information.

For a restaurant it might not be okay, but what if our personal information contained in it. Such as our data collected for conducting such a review. Surely it will be riskier later.

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