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Internet Addiction

When you use something a lot and feel empty when you don’t use that thing that can be said as a sign of addiction. Addiction isn’t only limited to drug or alcohol. As long as you can’t stay away from something, that means you are addicted to that thing. It’s also including internet addiction. So, why people can have this kind of addiction?

Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction

The Greatness of Internet

When people find out about many beneficial features of the internet, they start to realize the greatness of the online world. For example, they can easily find information from the internet. Today, we usually play and entertain ourselves using the online service. It could be a game, reading the story, or watching a movie. All of them are available on the internet, and most of them are free to access and use.

With that entire great thing, it’s normal if people don’t want to leave the internet world. Therefore, they will keep using it and feel more comfortable in it than spend more time in the real world.

We Can Become Anything

The Internet gives us more power to do many things. For example, if in the real world we are weak and can’t do sport well, with the internet we can do it through the augmented reality or online game. Many people who get the nickname as the best or even the God of the game on the internet, has the opposite situation in the real world. Therefore, many people feel more comfortable with the internet, because they can live a better life than the real world.

Online Culture

The Internet has become a culture and tradition in modern society. Therefore, people tend to follow it, to be accepted by society. It’s like a must thing to do if you want to live today. And, when you try to leave or not use the internet, people around you will see you differently.

Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction

The best example of this case is social media and situs poker online at Almost every people have a social media account or poker online account and use it regularly. They also use it for communicating with others. So, if you don’t use it, you will have a problem to communicate, which can make you be alienated by other people.

Internet addiction exists. Mostly, it’s caused by the internet that becomes the necessity to live in today’s world. However, if you can control it and balance it with a natural and healthier way, you won’t have to worry about the addiction.

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