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I am one of those who continue to question the citizenship of Barack Obama. There are simply too many puzzling circumstances, such as the fact that his social security number originated in Connecticut, but was issued in Hawaii … and, no surprise, that his grandmother was a senior official with the Social Security Administration. The […]

Very few people have ever heard of a gunman by the name of Jeff Kidder, but he was one of the most courageous lawmen ever to wear a star on his vest. Born Jefferson David Kidder on 15 November 1875 near Vermillion, South Dakota, he was the son of Silas W. Kidder and the grandson […]

Dr. Henry notes that this psalm may be attributed to Asaph in the title, but the words agree exactly with David’s circumstances at his coming to power after the death of Saul. 1 We praise you, God, we praise you, for your Name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds. 2 You say, “I […]

The following verse is nothing if not accurate as it describes the Islamic invasion of France. Today I remember the recent tragedy in Paris and express my solidarity with the people of France and whatever action the French government decides to take in order to rectify the deplorable conditions as they now exists. What logic […]

My original intention was to comment on the (temporarily) defunct Keystone XL Pipeline. Instead, let me send you over to read Nick Loris’ take at the Daily Signal. You can read the article here. I’m not at all convinced that the pipeline would have made much of a contribution to employment, but I think the […]

If you wanted an adventure, and if you were born somewhere around 1823, you probably discovered a life that was filled with adventure —and not something you only did only on the weekend, either. And not paintball … but rather the stuff that happens that leaves you with only two possibilities: either you survived or […]


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