Katie Tubb at the Heritage Foundation recently exceeded all of our expectations here at Chesty Acres when she put together a list of things that the media now claim are the result of global warming.  We don’t know that any of this is true, of course—only that these ideas originate within the leftist media.  Talk […]

 ♫ Rolling, rolling, rolling down de rivvvvvvverrrrrrr … ♫ Here we all are … in a rubber dingy, heading down the Obama River at a good rate of speed, and isn’t this just about as much fun as anyone can possibly have with all of their clothes on? Well, except for the fact that the […]

The birth of Samuel (c. 1098 BC) led to a new era in the story of Israel, for he was the last Judge and the first Prophet to this emerging nation.  Remember, it was Samuel who reluctantly ordained Saul as King when the masses demanded, “to be like other nations.”  Remember too that when Saul’s […]

We are not allowed to smirk about what has happened to black families and communities over the past 120 years because today, white families and society are on the exact same pathway toward destruction. My grandmother was born in 1890. I can say that she was not prepared for the events of America’s roaring twenties. […]

(Continued from Monday) The migration usually involved black men leaving their wives and children in the south while they relocated to northern cities looking for work. In too many instances, these men never managed to get around to sending for their families. In other examples, women moved north with their children in tow without being […]

The glue that binds a society of diverse peoples is a set of common values. These aren’t actually duplicates of one another, but similar enough that they serve as a guide for how we must conduct ourselves. Traditional marriage and establishing and maintaining strong families produce the glue that binds us. Within healthy, functional families, […]

This Psalm is a prayer that is very consistent with what we know of David, who always acknowledges God’s glory.  In this psalm, David approaches God at a time when he was distressed about the malice directed at him by his enemies. In this regard, I think it is interesting to note how often Biblical experts […]


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