America has many wonderful traditions —some of these extending back to our very beginnings. One of these is an almost universal distrust, and for some, an outright abhorrence of bankers. Of these, none are more hated than eastern bankers, for these are all usurious bastards who have no redeeming value, whatsoever. They also keep company […]

We suppose that David composed this psalm during the reign of Saul, when there was a general decay of honesty and piety —both in court, and in country. This is David’s complaint to God. David feels this deeply because he has personally suffered from the treachery of false friends and the insolence of his sworn […]

The American people never asked for a conflict with extremism, but the people they elected certainly did. Our presidents and the people they appointed to high office have consistently made a mess of our world. It is hard to argue that American diplomats were ever very sharp tacks; the most we can say is that […]

Following the death of Michael Brown, we all received the blessings of fiery demonstrations and scorching pronouncements condemning white society. This was not entirely surprising: it is what generally happens following the murder of a black punk, except whenever another black murders him —then it’s okay because black on black crime is not part of […]

There is a reason World Net Daily has never received a Nobel Prize. They seem to have a problem gathering objective facts and presenting them in a credible way. One of my friends recently described WND as “incredible.” Nevertheless, even the New York Times gets things right from time to time … as did WND […]

Some scholars argue that this Psalm assures two things: first, the suffering of the righteous purges them of sin and prepares them for their Heavenly reward; second, the gains achieved by the wicked in this life prepares them for great tribulations in the next world. Others say that the Psalm tells the story of David’s […]



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