If you haven’t seen this short clip by Bill Whittle, here’s your chance. . . So then, what do you think America? Have you had enough of fascism?

The other day, commenter Aquila wondered, “is there anything we can do about this insanity?” My good friend Pablo sent me a link to the following film clip. It is perhaps one of the best messages I have seen and it may answer Aquila’s question. . . . . I would like to read your […]

When you look around at our tired old world, you may begin to wonder, “Just who is in charge of this mess?” You may begin to ask, “To what purpose?” Lately, the indignities imposed upon the American people by Barack Obama are so frequent that it is next to impossible to digest one before the […]

Here we find a lament of refuge by an innocent person beset by his enemy—as one falsely accused of murder might find sanctuary in the house of God and appeals his case to God’s judgment.  This song submits his case to God and his protestations of innocence refer to specific charges rather than a claim […]

The City of Fargo North Dakota has determined that day-care aged children are drinking too much juice, and so they’ve imposed an ordinance on the people of that fair city that provides, “Only 100 percent juice shall be permitted, and children shall receive no more than six ounces per day.  No beverages may be served […]

Katie Tubb at the Heritage Foundation recently exceeded all of our expectations here at Chesty Acres when she put together a list of things that the media now claim are the result of global warming.  We don’t know that any of this is true, of course—only that these ideas originate within the leftist media.  Talk […]

 ♫ Rolling, rolling, rolling down de rivvvvvvverrrrrrr … ♫ Here we all are … in a rubber dingy, heading down the Obama River at a good rate of speed, and isn’t this just about as much fun as anyone can possibly have with all of their clothes on? Well, except for the fact that the […]


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