Conservatives have been saying this for quite some time, and the progressives have been in denial of it for that same amount of time. We’ve been saying, “The left are communists who seek to destroy America and all it stands for.” We have offered limitless proof that our claims are true. What then follows from […]

America’s withdrawal makes the world more dangerous By James A. Lyons on Thursday, December 19, 2013 Most Americans did not comprehend in 2008 what President-to-be Obama meant when he declared that he was going to “fundamentally” transform America. The first clear indication should have come with his June 2009 Cairo “outreach” speech to the Muslim […]

A psalm of David—a petition This is one of the atoning psalms; it is full of grief from the beginning to the end. The cause of David’s suffering is his own sinful behavior. His friends have deserted him; his enemies persecute him. He is affflicted by his own wickedness. He is sick and in pain. […]

I have held this man in contempt for a very long time.  We’ve seen him on televised media for several years, and he does claim to be a journalist. I question that. I think he is more of a leftist hack and a liar. A German-born Polish Jew, Zev’s parents were fortunate to survive the […]

To many Americans, the drivel associated with Islam is awkward. The reason for this is that people imbued with an ability to think critically must conclude that Islam, as it is presented in the Qur’an, is inconsistent and nonsensical. For many of us, it is akin to listening to fingernails being run across a blackboard. Where is the […]

Following his presidency in 2001, Bill Clinton sat down with his insider buddies, which includes John Podesta, and created the William J. Clinton Foundation. The foundation’s stated purpose was to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” I actually do not know what that means, but I […]

A psalm of David Matthew Henry tells us that this psalm differs from most others because it is less of a prayer or an offering of praise, and more of a sermon. This means that it is worthy of our conservation because it instructs us about such things as an advancement of the wicked and […]


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